Mowing height is a much more important facet of lawn care than many people realize. With the sheer amount of ride on mowers that are zipping around every green space in sight, it’s hard to imagine everyone knows exactly what height they are mowing at. The optimal height for turf grass to be cut to is 2 ½ to 3 ½ inches. Cutting lower than this will reduce the amount of energy the plant produces, and decrease the effectiveness of the root system. Watering will be harder to perfect, the disease resistance will be lower, and the appearance will begin to suffer. An important fact to remember is the “one-third rule.” When mowing, do not cut more than ⅓ of the total leaf height. When you cut excessive amounts of grass, more light can reach the lower thatch layers. This will directly cause more weeds and reduce your turf density. If you are consistently cutting your grass too often or too low, the nuisance weeds will thank you for giving them a new home. Foster the growth of your grass blades, not your weeds! Keeping grass at a higher height confers a definite advantage. Superior roots and stronger blades create a strong turf.