Proper Planting and Mulching

One of the most widespread problems in the landscape industry: Improper planting or mulching.  It is crucially important to plant a tree properly, or the roots will develop incorrectly. Planting nursery stock trees needs to be done properly to give the trees as much as you can to help them establish. When you walk through the forest, notice the base of all the trees, you will notice a strong root flare. This is what we strive for with urban trees, it is the natural habit. Trees must be planted so that the root flare is visible. Mulch should not cover the natural taper of the tree. It will cause higher rooting and the tree will be very susceptible to problems its entire life. If your trees are planted too deep, there are ways to remedy this. Air excavation or manual excavation can relieve the additional stresses on your tree and begin to improve the root zone.


Do not do this!

Good root flare and mulch