The aeration process is a very helpful way to ensure healthy soil. Aerations will pull small plugs of soil out of the ground in your lawn, exposing the soil layers to oxygen and allowing the holes to be filled up naturally will aid in cycling of the nutrients. The soil is an extremely important factor in the overall health and resilience of your lawn. Healthy soil means a healthy lawn! After an aeration, many beneficial things can be done to quickly boost your soil health. Slit seeding or adding organic material like topsoil is a great way to help your soil. Sodded lawns definitely benefit strongly from aerations. Lawns established with rolls of sod will not root easily, and an aeration can help puncture the soil to assist in greater root health.

One other consideration when signing up for an aeration is underground utilities or wires. We will always do our best to avoid your underground items but please let us know if you have anything we should know about!