Tree and Shrub Care

Caring for the health of your trees is extremely important to us, and it should be to everyone. Our trees are an extremely valuable natural resource. Preserving them and helping trees thrive in the urban forest is our goal. We are educated tree experts, and we will monitor your trees and shrubs for any health problems. Whether it’s a massive white oak reaching 75 feet tall, or a small red maple tree in your front yard. Trees have different needs, and the urban environment has created all types of problems and environments that trees must adapt to. Our process is to work with what the individual plant wants and make realistic plans. As always, we will never over-apply chemicals or pesticides just to make a sale. We usually believe less is more. In many cases, doing a small process and merely watering can save your tree. Other times it is more complicated. We hope you will choose our tree service to help your trees thrive!